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SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE conditions leather in all kinds of weather. Protects new leather, restores used and neglected leather.

SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE was developed eight generations ago as a protector for harness that was used in all weather � hot, cold, wet and dry. Harness had to be cleaned quickly and efficiently but still leave the leather supple.

SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE softens leather more quickly and gives it a non-damaging protective coat. It is better to use two light coats rather than one heavy coat. Treat both sides of the leather when possible. Use SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE like hand cream: too much will make the leather sticky. Sticky leather will attract dirt.

Use SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE on NEW LEATHER to give your leather added protection against stains and weather. SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE will keep your leather looking newer longer.

Use SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE on USED LEATHER to make your leather supple so the leather will not crack when flexed. Used leather needs two coats of SADDLER’S® PRESERVATIVE. Let the first coat soak in overnight before adding the second coat. Red-rot and dry-rot are types of chemical deterioration that work on leather from the inside out. If your leather has red-rot or dry-rot, you can not reverse process. Leather has to be cared for all along to prevent red-rot or dry-rot.


  • Use sparing  a little goes a long way
  • Bee wax makes it water resistant

Available in the following sizes: 4 oz; 8 oz.; 16 oz.

JM Saddler – Pet supplies and leather care for horses, farm, dogs, and livestock


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